Phênix Accounting Organization has been present in the market since 1993, acting in several areas of services: accounting and tax bookkeeping, payroll and HR management, tax planning, financial management and accounting update, as well as the preparation of business plan. , opening, changing and delisting.

Our target audience includes both service companies, third party public and private entities, and individuals: professionals or not.

We perform a work focused on helping companies and people, bringing our commitment and professionalism to meet all demands. And for that, we are prepared with our digital services available on the internet, which accelerate the service process, reducing costs and having almost immediate customer deliveries. Our web services portal is available 24 hours for any demand.

Phênix Contabilidade, seu escritório contábil em Brasília

The Accounting Area is responsible for processing the economic and financial movements of companies and entities, enabling the generation of accounting and management information for regular monitoring of their performance and especially for decision making.

Check out some of our Accounting Services:

  • Preparation of verification balance sheets and balance sheet periodically in accordance with the tax regime;
  • Calculation of taxes arising from bookkeeping.
  • Preparation of other Financial Statements, according to the company profile.
  • Management reports according to customer profile and needs.
  • Digital Accounting Bookkeeping;
  • Accounting all according to Brazilian Accounting Standards and adapted to international standards.
  • Control and Administration of Fixed Asset assets with management reports.
  • Compliance with external and internal inspections and audits.

This area is essential for any company, being responsible for the execution of the entire personnel department routine. This area is also responsible for the calculation of taxes and payment guides, in addition to providing specific advice regarding the relevant legislation in the areas of Labor, Social Security, Land and Trade Union.

Check out some of our Labor Services:

  • Admission and termination of employees.
  • Electronic File Routing for data update and CTPS purposes.
  • Preparation of the advance and discharge of the 13th Salary.
  • Follow-up on agreements or collective bargaining.
  • Payroll, monthly, biweekly and down payment processing.
  • Issuance of employee income report.
  • Elaboration of pro-labore leaves.
  • Vacation issuance, with reports available for monitoring, control and scheduling through the digital platform.
  • Calculation of taxes and periodic contributions from labor funds.
  • IRRF / INSS / FGTS / SEFIP / Union / Assistance and Confederative Contributions / PIS.
  • Preparation and filing of tax and social security statements, such as: DIRF / Income Statement / CAGED.
  • Orientation and monitoring of e-Social implementation;
  • Payroll outsourcing and HR management;

The Corporate area provides full services on issues involving the legal (administrative) part of companies with public and private bodies.

Check out some of our Corporate Services:

  • Incorporation, alteration and termination of companies of any legal nature.
  • Fission, merger and incorporation.
  • Creation of offshore companies or creation of subsidiaries, branches or representations of foreign companies in Brazil.
  • Legal procedures required for regularization of embassies and international organizations in Brazil.
  • Installment of tax and labor debts.
  • Registration and filing of minutes of the meeting.
  • Issuance, control and automatic monitoring of negative certificates with public agencies and private institutions through the service platform.
  • Several records before any Commercial Board of the country, IRS, City Halls, State Secretariats, INSS, CEF and others.
  • Digital Certification: We offer direct support and complete assistance in obtaining ICP-Brazil standard certificates.
  • Administrative Proceedings within the Federal Revenue Secretariat and the Attorney General’s Office of the National Treasury-PGFN.
  • Compliance with inspections, subpoenas, notifications.
  • SICAF – Federal Registration System – guidance and advice for registration.

The Tax Area is responsible for processing tax movements generated by companies or entities. The works of this sector are developed by highly qualified technicians, which allow safe calculation of the due taxes, using the best in technology. 

 Tax and Tax: 

  • Tax bookkeeping, generation and sending of digital files to the tax authorities. 
  • Guidance for issuing invoices. 
  • NF-e emission according to demand and company profile; 
  • Validation of taxes paid. 
  • Guidance on tax recovery. 
  • Calculation of taxes in the sphere (Federal, State and Municipal). 
  • Issuance of guides according to company or entity profile. 

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